Job hunting season.

10 Aug

I’m really longing to be a teacher’s wife right about now. I’m longing to take a day off of work to help my husband set up his first classroom. To get the stuff out of our bedroom and into a proper space again, to support him through his first year teaching. I’m just pretty sure that it is not going to be this year.

The husband has his fifth interview of the summer set up for Friday. We’re still waiting to hear back on the one he went on last week (in a district where he has friends, did student teaching, and contacts within administration. So he’d really like this one), and he passed a screener phone interview for this next one last night. The rational part of both of us knows that for a recent graduate in this climate, five interviews isn’t bad at all. If nothing happens, he’ll sign up as a sub, and after that picks up he can leave his current horrible job.

The irrational parts know how devastated he will be if that happens. So, I keep myself assured that as the summer draws to a close, more teachers with suddenly resign and my husband wows at the interviews. Friends of ours with less interviews got hired later than this. And a lot of late hires are new teachers.

A lot of my friends and family are job hunting right now, including both sisters-in-law. Brother’s wife had an interview at a local college for their costume shop (which she would be fab for. She’s amazing) and husband’s sister has two interviews and practicals at different hair salons, and is waiting to hear a yes or no from a third. She’s very talented with hair, and she really wants to cut mine off, but I won’t let her.

I’m visualizing. If I were the witchcraft sort, I’d do the work, too. Which tells you how much I long to be a teacher’s wife.

When I mentioned that on twitter last night, it came with the addition of “like the cheesy ‘inspirational romances’ I get for free on my kindle” the response was hilarious, let me tell you. There’s an entry in this for why this pagan absolutly loves her escapist Christian Historical Romances.

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