About the Ingenue

The ingenue is in her natural habitat with a book while dressing funny. Nuri is a twenty-something, married-not-dead, semi-domesticated Hellenic Polytheist, enthusiastic if not talented bellydancer, avid reader and lazy theorist. She likes to bake bread by hand, poke sleeping dragons into arguments, snark on the sidelines and lurk everywhere.

The ingenue is most interested in disability rights, the autism acceptance movement, anti-kyriarchy (the patriarchy is so passe), trans rights and acceptance, neurodiversity, young adult literature, simple living, paganism, fusion and tribal bellydance and avoiding medical bills.

Outside of the internet, nuri is a Replacement Specialist for a large insurance company, sister to several brothers and an utterly smitten introverted homebody.

A Twisted Kind of Ingenue comes from East Village Opera Companies version of “Help me (Jove, in pity)” adapted from Handel’s “Semele”. The full lyric is “I play the part I always do/a twisted kind of ingenue”


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