Altars and Shrines

07 Aug

Took me long enough, right?

First up: Marriage Shrine Part one. Almost all of the items come from the wedding, or were presents while we were dating. Others are just pretty or have family significance. The picture is our favorite from the wedding, and it wasn’t even from our photographer, but Nick’s aunt.









Marriage Shrine Part Two: A poem written by a friend for our wedding, the dried roses and ribbons from the scavenger hunt proposal, and curios from other friends weddings.







Hermes Mini-shrine, on top of my jewelry box. I’ve had this key forever, I have no idea where it came from but it’s great for Hermes, isn’t it?







The combined space for Aphrodite and Hera. Aphrodite’s is the seashell and perfume bottle, the rest is for Hera.







Two pictures of the main/working Altar. And my mass of peacock feathers.
You can also see my prayer beads. I really love the simplicity of this altar arrangement.












And this is the roommates derpy Corgi, Ein. He barged in while I was taking pictures. And leapt on top of the bed as if he had agility!

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