Simple Woman’s Daybook 7/29

29 Jul

If you’d like to participate in this venture, please see here:
I am doing this as a Hestia Devotional, if you are doing a similar project for Hestia, let me know!

Outside my window…
Is my parents backyard. I’m at their house taking care of my twin brother (the one who has autism). I miss having a huge backyard to romp around in.
I am thinking…
That the xbox is evil. It won’t let us connect it to my parents wireless. I was mainlining Stargate Atlantis and Pawnstars today!

I am thankful…
for a well stocked fridge, for three paycheck months, for attentive customer service from minimed.

In the kitchen…
Mom’s oatmeal raisin cookies!

I am wearing…
Jeans and my peacock shirt.

I am creating…
an annoyance in the force. I’m gonna bugbear my brother ALL weekend!

I am going…
To have japanese for dinner tonight with friends, and lunch with Brother Father tomorrow (in between him saying masses)

I am wondering…
Why this xbox won’t connect. If I kick it, will it work?

I am reading…
*checks kindle* Heartless by Anne Elisabeth Strengl (a freebie download. It appears to be a decent fantasy, but a little with the Jesus), and a few bellydance magazines

I am hoping…
That this weekend is nice and relaxing. After a week of being one of two on Catastrophe claims, I could really use it. Also, that this cold I caught stops!

I am looking forward to…
I’m living in the moment. Japanese food and possibly my friend working on my neck, which has been in pain for about 2 weeks. Full range of motion, but it doesn’t like to be stretched.

I am hearing…
The husband playing Mass Effect 2 and echoalia.

Around the house…
Brother is likely half-naked, if I’m lucky; there’s a lasagna with my name on it; new books to look through and probably steal from the folks.

I am pondering…
where the newer books are hiding in the house.

One of my favorite things…
The way my parents redid my room. It’s so simple, although the peach on the walls is less than stellar.

A few plans for the rest of the week:
Dinner with friends tonight, Lunch with my oldest brother tomorrow. Then blissful nothing so far except eating and getting the xbox working.

Here is picture for thought I am sharing…
Somedays, I miss the early days of fighting. Husband and two other friends testing arrows far too early in the morning. You can’t see me, but I’m running around picking up the arrows and placing them into pass/fail/retry  piles. There were SO many arrows that year.  I learned how to arrow-test too, put only the preliminary testing.

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