Bellydance Planning

25 Jul

Coming up in the next few months, the studio I take dance lessons at is having a couple of events. One is a hafla and the other is a student showcase. I’m looking to perform in each, and more importantly, do different styles. My own style has been gravitating towards whatever people are calling Triberet these days, and I’d like to show the different aspects.

For the hafla, since it’s a bit less formal, I’m going to do improv (a first for me), to a song I love, Be Like Water (isolation mix) by Sarah Fimm and Beauty’s Confusion. I’ll have to edit it a bit, but nothing too major, mostly for time. This isn’t marked as the isolation mix, but, I know it when I hear it.

My hope with it is to focus on isolation and slow movements, something that is difficult for me. So it should be fun.

The Showcase, I’m breaking out the turkish pop with  Candan Ercetin’s Melek:

I’m gearing this to be high energy drama, and interpreting the lyrics not as a “my baby is my angel” but a little more romantic. The translations I’ve seen can support this, thankfully, and joyful passion works for either. And really, doesn’t she have an amazing voice? This one will be a choreography, at least a loose one, and I’ll start it next month, and just dance around to it right now to get ideas.

And then the next part besides the actual dancing, is the costuming. I have so many new pretties from going to Tribal Revolution, and I can’t wait to wear them.

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