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Who I am, what I am not.

First posts are always difficult. I’ve had a number of journals and blogs over the years and I hate the first post. You try to suss out an audience, if you want an audience, and identify and speak to them, but I’ve never been to good at determining what I want in that regard.  Then, you are supposed to lay out what the blog will be about. Since most of my blogs have been personal journals, it’s usually the minutia of my day and really, “This journal will be about my to-do lists and my inability to stand customers at work.” does not inspire grandness.

To tell the truth, this blog is an experiment. My other blogs are drowned in my daily life, ranting and raving and none too deep. I want this to be different.

What I am not:

  • I’m not an activist. I don’t have the energy to be, but I like spreading the word and participating on the sidelines and helping day to day. I try to live my life according to my values.
  • I’m not an authority. My opinions are just that, opinions, which are not sacred. My arguments should be held to the same standards and expectations as anyone elses.
  • I’m not really an agitator. I just play one on the internet. Which means that I am an agitator in the right circumstances.
  • I’m not staid, predictable or quiet: Even when I try to establish a routine, it gets lost easily.
  • I’m not that great of a writer; this English degree of mine came in a crackerjack box.

What I am:

I’m nuri. I like costuming, even though I can’t sew well. I love to read YAlit and nonfiction, trivia games (except the sports questions), belly dancing and my gods. I’m utterly smitten with my husband, feral in the kitchen and utterly incapable of seeing dirty dishes. I’m proud of each of my very different brothers, amused by my parents and grateful to be so warmly accepted by my in-laws family.  I like science fiction and fantasy, and am concerned at how much I like very problematic literature and television. I have ADHD, recurring minor depression and mild chronic pain. I identify as disabled, even though sometimes its hard to admit it.

I’m a Hellenic Polytheist, a Dionysian, committed to breaking down walls and barriers. Those that I’ve created and those set before me.

I want a simple life, filled with grace and love and good friends who understand that sitting around with laptops is socializing. I also hate salad.

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