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Simple Womans’s Daybook 5/21

As usual, weekly, online or not, I take the time to reflect via as a devotional activity for Hestia. I encourage others to do the same.


Outside my window…
A rainy and stormy night turned into a beautiful cool May Day.

I am thinking…
About my stuffy head, and why it won’t stop.

I am thankful…
for signing a new lease at a new apartment complex, where I will have a room of my own to dance and do yoga in.

In the kitchen…
Today was pierogies, dill carrots and pears. Deliciousness.

I am wearing…
Workout clothes. Including a pair of shorts. They are the only pair of shorts I own.

I am creating…
Working on my audioplay for Made of Fail Productions. Kinda. More or less.

I am going…
No where until Saturday, when I go back to Stonehouse for a wedding.

I am wondering…
When I’ll have time to read my new whole living.

I am reading…
….far too many things to mention. Honestly. Husband gave me a collection of books to read.

I am hoping…
that more boxes miraculous appear like they have been, so we can pack more.

I am looking forward to…
Decluttering more. We’ve weeded out probably about 150 books, if not closer to 200.

I am learning
about all the things that we have in this house now. When did I get so much stuff?

Around the house…
Boxes. Boxes everywhere.

A favorite quote for today…
I’m re-watching West Wing:

Bartlet: Charlie, I wanna hire a woman whose voice I think would fit in nicely around here. She’s a conservative Republican. You think I should do it?
Charlie: Absolutely, Mr. President, cause I’m told that theirs is the party of inclusion.

One of my favorite things…
A late afternoon bike ride, today. Wonderful feeling.

A few plans for the rest of the week:
Very little until the wedding, but a good friend is coming into town for it, and I can’t wait to see her.

A peek into my day…
This is my roommates dog. He’s one of two things I’m going to miss when I move, the other being my jacuzzi tub.

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I will come with the brights of their eyes…

My radio silence has been purposeful. A few weeks ago, I took time to have a real in-depth ritual, not just an offering, for Dionysos. I haven’t had a huge need lately, like our relationship had reached a point where contact wasn’t needed on the level it was before.

Gods come and go, so I didn’t consider this a bad thing. But I think this ritual was really needed for our god-mortal relationship. So I pushed my boundaries; I stayed up late, I drank, then cleansed myself both physically and mentally and approached my altar.

I don’t really like to talk much about what I do during ritual, because while I start off with a traditional Hellenic structure (I love the traditional structure, because it is very much like what I grew up with in the Catholic Church, and so I gravitate towards it naturally now), the content really will vary. I offer to Hestia as I light my candles and incense, pour wine for Dionysos and open with prayer.  Then dancing, as much as I can stand, enough to link my mind and body together, which ends with communion with Dionysos.

I have a hard time expressing the emotional intensity and just what happens during the moments of communion and experience, and I think that’s really the point. You have to experience it for yourself to really understand why I do it and why I follow this god.

I do however, want to share one of the concepts I got out of that ritual. One thing I really struggle with is that I’m not an outgoing person; not a drinker; not the sort of person you’d think of when you’d picture a Dionysos devotee. I’m a homebody and while utterly delightful, in truth, a little awkward. But the concept I got was to inspire within others, facilitate within others, what I cannot be myself.

Maybe that’s my work to do; prepare the way, make things ready and such so that others can experience the joy of my god. Even if they don’t believe, people like a party.

I’ve also been silent because we had a very intense scare with my mother. She was in ICU for two days after not being able to breathe and congestive heart failure, and spent a week on the general heart floor, getting tests done. They just wouldn’t let her leave, her blood pressure kept spiking. I spent the first weekend up with them, helping manage my brother and visiting mom. I’ll probably go back next weekend too.  They found a 90% blockage in her heart, in the area usually called the Widowmaker (cheerfully relayed via text message by my dad, as he was giving us updates. There is always time for trivia in my family),  and put in a stent. She’s home now, but has to make serious changes, ones that didn’t stick when she first was diagnosed with diabetes.

I hope it really hit home for my middle brother as well, as he is rapidly on the same path as my mother. We were all scared, and it really reinforced why I work out, why I watch what I eat, because in our family, weight and health are connected. I’m a firm believer in health at every size, but also know what is good for my own health.

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11/23/11 Giving Thanks…

As I prepare for tomorrows full day traveling and food extravaganza, and a long weekend at my parents, I am thankful for:

…a roof over my head, clothes to wear, food to eat, and books to read.
…a wonderful and amazing husband, who loves and adores me, and I him.
…friends who are not only willing, but eager to spend a wedding crawling around a giant adult playground.
…a rewarding spiritual life and a life lived in gods.
…medication to help me focus and be productive
…work that benefits others and being able to do a good job.
…my awesome supervisor.
…brothers to see the Muppet Movie with.
…my life, which over the past year has only been improving, and everything in it.
…and especially my mother’s cooking.

(I’m not thankful for whatever version of IE my work computer has….it will not load wordpress correctly. This was written last week)

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Be Brave, an update

My life has been eaten by my husbands work, choreographing, cheesy novel and getting in touch with Hestia on the physical level. The Daybook will return next week, this week, I’ve resumed my normal practice of baking bread. What a joy it is to be able to bake without it being outrageously hot. This week I got back in the groove with a simple white rosemary loaf.

I’ve been named to yet another, smaller catastrophe response at work, and it’s going well. I bought myself a present, a pretty skirt with the bonus the last one gave me. But I think I should have gotten a massage instead. My back feels terrible right now, not outright hurting, but aching so very much. I’m trying to sit up straight, but it’s not helping as well as it usually does.

Choreography is about halfway done, with snippets of the other half planned. It’s a little spinny and a lot of posing, but the song calls for it. The next sections are thematically planned: smooth and extensions, sharp accent, then a shimmy section and exit. I probably would have gotten a section done last night if my back was feeling better. Instead I did a couple of improv rounds and took a bath. I should have it done by saturday so I can start tweaking it and making it perfect.

Anyways, back to work. These products don’t shop themselves after all.

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Coming and Going

“This is what I believe: That I am I. That my soul is a dark forest. That my known self will never be more than a little clearing in the forest. That gods, strange gods, come forth from the forest into the clearing of my known self, and then go back. That I must have the courage to let them come and go. That I will never let mankind put anything over me, but that I will try always to recognize and submit to the gods in me and the gods in other men and women. There is my creed.”
DH Lawrence

I need to admit it, I haven’t been feeling or hearing from Dionysos lately. Even though I am having really good dance practice, which is my usual devotional practice for him, I think I have entered a time where he has gone from my dark forest. And it is hard to have that courage to not rant and rave at this. I mean, I know I have a stronger and more aware connection during the winter and dark months, and that’s why this summer has felt a little low, but it always feels like a profound loss.

At the same time, Hestia has been really strong over the past couple of months. I’ve really been growing into her domestic cult, into making a house a home. I’ve expanded my skills! Added new dishes to my cooking, getting into cleaning and organizing, supporting my husband, embracing simplicity. The hearth is strong and my relationships are strong. This little fledging practice of mine is truly blossoming.

And I think, as the seasons turn, this too will provide a platform for a deepening and different experience of Dionysos, who calls the women out of their domesticity to revel and partake of the wine and his mysteries.

I am truly blessed to have heard and accepted with courage these two gods, the cornerstones of my life.

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Simple Womans Daybook 9/6

As always, this is a devotional activity for Hestia. I also find it gives me good direction for the week. Much like bed making, sometimes the simple and easy activities are the most important and useful. You can find the prompts at

Outside my window…
When I woke this morning, it was dark and chilly, now the sun is shining and it’s still chilly. I love the sudden change to September weather.

I am thinking…
about how exhausting having people over is, and why I keep doing it to myself. I need another day off, I swear, just to recoup from my day off.

I am thankful…
for good friends, excellent steak, and time to sit on pintrest for hours.

In the kitchen…
This week’s attempt at a new recipe is a beef stew. Not that I actually followed the recipe, because I realized I didn’t have tomato past, and husband bitched that he doesn’t like tomato based stews.

I am wearing…
jeans, impractical heels (my only pair) and a polo. It’s work clothes, nothing fancy.

I am creating…
A new recipe, I suppose. And today begins choreography season! Today is beat counting, and if I have time, figuring out how I want to do an entrance.

I am going…
home, straight after work.

I am wondering…
why I am so gosh darn tired. And if dinner will be edible. And when the Gold Gym Express is opening.

I am reading…
Grand Sophy, Georgette Heyer. After that is The Dervish House by Ian McDonald. My bathtub reading is currently Island in the Sea of Time by SM Stirling.

I am hoping…
That my brother are able to schedule their hike at Starved Rock for a time that I can join them. They can be all kitted out, I’ll just bring my boots and a sandwich.

I am looking forward to…
The short week, another quiet weekend (Husband is probably going to his parents to help fix up the house) and the return of hot tea weather. Also, paychecks this week. We’ve been okay, but I’m looking forward to paying off our debts accumulated because the old job forgot to pay the last paycheck.

I am hearing…
Car Talk podcast. Already listened to Wait Wait, and next up is planet money.

Around the house…
It’s sort of clean. We worked on going through paperwork and binders from the college years.

I am pondering…
Going to Club Bellydance in Springfield. I’d like to go next month but 1) Driving sucks and 2) It’s kinda pricey. But it’s a neat concept, blending the Bellydance Superstars with local talent, including my studio’s troupe.

One of my favorite things…
Penzey’s Chicago Steak Seasoning

A few plans for the rest of the week:
Choreography building, keeping the house clean, reading all the book that I’ve recently downloaded, possibly garb and bread baking on Saturday with a friend.

Here is a picture for thought I am sharing…

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Orphic Hymn #84: To Hestia

Hestia on a red figure vase84. To Hestia

Incense: Aromatic Herbs

Queen Hestia, daughter of mighty Kronos,
Mistress of ever burning  and peerless fire, you dwell in the house center.
May you hallow the initiates of these rites and grant them unwithering youth,
Riches, prudence and  purity.
You are the home of the blessed gods and men’s mighty buttress,
Eternal, many-shaped, beloved and grass-yellow.
Smile, O blessed one, and kindly accept these offerings,
Wafting upon us prosperity and gentle-handed health.

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