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Pagan Blog Project: An Indulgence

As was reported at  The Wild Hunt, Pagan Spirit Gathering’s new site, Stonehouse Park, is having a bit of zoning trouble. Now, this trouble isn’t in anyway the fault of PSG. And I’ll be honest, I haven’t been to PSG — June is an expensive month for me, and I am already going to Tribal Revolution.

However, Stonehouse Park is very important to me because I am a member of Belegarth Medieval Combat Society. I run events there yearly, in fact, my next one is this weekend. Because of the zoning and permit problems, our ability to utilize the site has been restrained, and it seems every day I get a new message telling me something else I can’t use.

PSG is not in any danger of not running this year — the owner makes it very clear that if the permit is revoked, he has the ability to run two events a year on the property. One is another Belegarth event and Pagan Spirit Gathering is the other. But future and continued use is very much in the air at this point.

Help us with some internet activism:
This is the facebook event supporting Stonehouse Park. On it, we’ve been coordinating our response, including a letter writing campaign.

This is the petition that we’ve been circulating for non-county residents.

Please consider working with us to save this site. It’s beautiful, and a great site for festivals, re-enactments, and private events. My brother in law also works there, and I’d rather not have him bum off his parents again in this economy, ya know?


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Simple Woman’s Daybook: Eventing edition, 10/7

Simple Woman’s Daybook: Eventing edition, 10/7


Outside my window…
Is making me trying to think up new ways to describe “Indian Summer”. It’s 80, but still feels cool and beautiful. Perfect weather for going to Oktoberfest up in Paw Paw.

I am thinking…
Of my long to do list: Pay a bill, fix the husbands pants, make cookies, finish packing, do some cleaning around the house, get my hair braided, etc.

I am thankful…
For the ability to take days off at will, and not feel like I’m going to cause an epic slowdown at work.

In the kitchen…
I need to make cookies for a friend who is setting up our groups campsite.

I am wearing…
I took today off and am typing in bed while resting on my heating pad. I’m wearing a pair of fleece pants.

I am creating…
Not a lot of creation besides my choreography. Editing is more like it.

I am going…
to a Belegarth event, Oktoberfest, just as soon as nick gets back from working and we load the car.

I am wondering…
What to buy at Friar Tucks for myself.

I am reading…
You’ve caught me in a strange place. I finished my books and haven’t picked up the next one yet. Maybe another Heyer novel.

I am hoping…
For a smooth, drama-free weekend.

I am looking forward to…
See above.

I am hearing…
a fan and cars out the window.

Around the house…
You really don’t want to see the house. It’s a mess.

I am pondering…
More Dr Who as I get things ready.

One of my favorite things…
I get to see my friends this weekend. So happy!

A few plans for the rest of the week:
See above.

Here is picture for thought I am sharing…
Armoring up the Husband

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