Simple Womans Daybook 2/13

13 Feb

Hello there new readers! For those unawares, I complete The Simple Womans Daybook as a devotional activity for Hestia. I urge others wanting to cultivate a relationship with her to do something similar.


Outside my window…it’s snowing slightly, and it’s much more likely to ice over. Nothing I’m really happy about.

I am thinking…about the differences between dwelling property insurance forms, homeowner H0-3’s, and mobile home insurance. The life of a Dionysian is always thrilling.

I am thankful…for previous jobs that help me in my thrilling life in insurance. You never know when you are going to need to know how to locate assistive technology.

In the kitchen…I have a pork roast and potatoes going. Nothing spectacular, but nice for a weekday meal.

I am wearing…I’ve changed since I got back from the gym, so sweats and a t-shirt.

I am creating…a new choreography for next months showcase, and possibly an audiodrama. Very loosely working on the latter.

I am going…I’d rather talk about where I’ve been. I went to the Raqs Arcana show in Chicago on Saturday. It was epically awesome, and I somehow ended up at a vegan restaurant, with a seitan french dip. I’m not huge on faux meat, but it was the bread that was lackluster. The sweet potato fries however, were amazing.

I am wondering…You write one little entry about cock…

I am reading…Random regency novels, the second of the Kushiel series, the last of the Nantucket novels, and about 4 magazines. And studying materials. I’m a little scattered lately.

I am hoping…for a nice, quiet week with random appearances by good friends.

I am looking forward to…a couple of rarely seen friends coming into town.

I am learning…Personal Insurance. Yay continuing education.

Around the house…it’s a mess. See going to Chicago this weekend for the reason.

I am pondering…whether to work on my choreo or just sit on the couch for a change. It’s a nice choice.

A favorite quote for today… ““Approach, what’s the tower?”
“That’s a big tall building with glass all around it, but that’s not important right now.”

I might be re-reading my old work, and this was an intro quote to a chapter.

One of my favorite things…Ariellahs red trumpet skirt. And one of those chain vests that one of the local troupes had.

A few plans for the rest of the week: Dinner out before dance class on Wednesday with friends. I’m just chilling this week.

A peek into my day…I finished up a claim for someone who I swear, must be a pagan elder, based on their book collection, then some assistive tech, then I lost focused and studies. Did a quick workout (nuri hate cardio day!), and came home to cook and write blog posts.

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