Pagan Blog Project: Building and Bromios

09 Feb


Yep, I’m cheating on this one. Building, why building? In the way I’m thinking of it, it’s not the physical building at all, but the metaphorical action. I am building relationships with gods and with mortals, I am building new skills and laying them upon my foundation.

Hellenics have a concept of arete, or excellence. You really can’t do that without a commitment to building. If you seek excellence in what your word and actions, you start with very little  and build as you go. I’m learning how to weight lift, and I’ll probably soon turn it into a devotional activity (build a ritual around it), and I started not even able to deadlift the bar. A few months later, and I’ve hit my first milestone, getting over a hundred pounds.

It’s the same when you devote yourself to a religion, to gods, or whatever mix. You start with whatever you have and just keep going.


Just another epithet of Dionysos….what, you thought I’d go into Bacchus already? That can wait until we hit the D’s. This one means loud, boisterous — and often relating to thunder. As the son of Zeus, this is appropriate with multiple layers of meaning.

Now, I’m the worst Dionysian ever — but friends keep telling me that parties, a true outpouring of the Dionysian spirit, are pretty loud and boisterous. And drumbeats over a large  space sound very much like a good thundering.

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