Simple Woman’s Daybook 1/31/12

31 Jan

I’ve been remiss in writing these up, and it’s time to get back into the groove. As always, these come from  and I do these as a weekly devotional to Hestia. I encourage others to do the same.


Outside my window… A beautiful winter day in January, here in central Illinois. By which I mean it was sunny, windy and 60 degrees.  Our winter is confusing. It snowed this weekend, and sunny and warm a day later.

I am thinking…rather muddled to be honest. I’m sick, as no one warns the wife of a first year teacher about getting sick more often. I left work early, mostly because it’s not fair to my coworkers.

I am thankful…for a husband who will pick food up for dinner and cuddle in the morning.

In the kitchen…well, there’s what was going to be dinner defrosting, tandoori chicken, that I need to put away to make tomorrow instead.

I am wearing…pajamas. And dog hair.

I am creating…mostly snot. But I’ve got a choreography turning around in my head too.

I am going…nowhere this week, except work, gym and class. My car will not take much more.

I am wondering…why I had to be sick on a lifting day. I wanted to lift things up and put them down.

I am reading…various free novels on the Kindle, SM Stirling in the bathtub. Speaking of which, I picked up a lot of free pagan-type books for the Kindle lately. I sort of want to review them. Would people read that?

I am hoping…that I am not light-headed for class tomorrow.

I am looking forward to…registering for Tribal Revolution tonight/in the morning. I’m debating if I want to stay up late to do so, or do it first thing in the morning. Gotta make sure I get into the workshops I want. My problem is that I turn into  a pumpkin at midnight.

I am learning…better lifting form. I have grown so in love with free weight training.

Around the house…we got a new roommate. She’s pretty much a blonde copy of one of our other roommates. So she’s talkative, but a good person.

I am pondering…what to make for lunch tomorrow, since I have no idea what  or how much I’ll be able to eat.

A favorite quote for today… “”For what do we live, but to make sport for our neighbours, and laugh at them in our turn?“” Pride and Prejudice

One of my favorite things…sinus medication. When it works, it’s amazing. That and tea and infusions. Love of my sick life.

A few plans for the rest of the week: Registering for Tribal Revolution, Dance classes starting back up, more days of cardio and lifting. And you know, work, cleaning and cooking.

A peek into my day…
I don’t have a good camera of my own, so here is a desire of mine: a peacock cupcake
Peacock Cupcake

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