my pharmacy does not impress me

24 Dec

I am just about ready to give a giant finger to my pharmacy. I finally got the call that my meds are ready to pick up. I’m in the suburbs right now, so I can’t, but now I am curious to find out if it is the remainder of the 90-day script that I was supposed to get two weeks ago, or a refill of the 30 days.

If it is the 30 day, I am going to be very angry. If it is the 90-day, then the pharmacy can continue to exist. This was its second chance.

I can’t wait to start riding my new bike. It’s been a mild winter so far, so I might actually be able to get some riding in before there is a lot of snow. I’m not a fan of winter riding.

Although, with our in-town car sounding the way it is, maybe I should start bike commuting now!

I am feeling the urge to declutter again. This should be fun.

We’re at my parents. We’re waiting on the Priestly brother to get here to do Christmas. This is the first year the hubs and I will be skipping midnight mass. Waiting to see if there is any backlash, but I don’t think there will be. We’re debating whether to go tonight to his family or wait until morning. We’re both sick, him moreso, so it’ll depend on where he wants to stay the night.

Husband and my father have been bonding. Their relationship has been changing ever since  Nick started teaching this year. Thank goodness.

I had an intense and incredible ritual experience last weekend. I’ve been trying write something up from it, but words are escaping me. Such is the problem with the ineffable.

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