I live my life in bullet points

15 Dec

Each day this week, I have had a bit of awesome in one area of my life:

  • Monday: I received the highest rating possible at my yearly evaluation. This means when they do raise and bonus cash next year, I get the highest percentage. And no kidding, my “areas of improvement” section says ‘just continue what you are doing!’. Because I am that awesome at internet shopping.
  • Tuesday: I put in an hour-long workout, during which I met and busted through my first mile time goal of 15 minutes, by doing 14:17. My diet may be in tatters (seriously, what is willpower?) but I’m really gaining ground in running and I’ve discovered the free weight section of the gym. I’m sort of in love with barbell lunges. I’m still only using fixed weight barbells, but I’m making progress.
  • Yesterday: A bit more mixed, since my dance class was missing a lot of people, the two of us there got really intense work done. I’m starting to feel more confident in my ability to zill and dance at the same time and we did two different styles during improv. Which is way fun.

Following this pattern, tonight will either be a fantastic night of studying, or a fantastic ritual session, depending on what I do tonight. I like my odds!

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