A Glamorous Decontruction

01 Dec

So, this was used on a forum I frequent as an example of Fusion Bellydance that has gone too far and isn’t bellydance anymore…

Which I think is pretty foolish, because I think it’s actually a pretty great deconstruction and reinterpretation of more “Traditional” bellydance. When I’m watching it, I see a lot of dance instincts and musical interpretation that is used in the other half of bellydance, watch at 1:02, and 1:40-2:00. Looking past the electronica, and what’s needed to interpret that, the movement choice and the much of the movement itself wouldn’t be out-of-place at a non-tribal show. Even the costuming reminds me of much of the professional bellydancer costuming, just done in darker colors.

Really, this piece is a poster child for Fusion that is directly inspired by the vintage bellydance that is, and rightly so, admired. I really want to see more of it, and it’s really the sort of dance I want to do. I really hope this is the new trend in tribal fusion, because I’ll take this over yet another bustle any day.

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