11/23/11 Giving Thanks…

29 Nov

As I prepare for tomorrows full day traveling and food extravaganza, and a long weekend at my parents, I am thankful for:

…a roof over my head, clothes to wear, food to eat, and books to read.
…a wonderful and amazing husband, who loves and adores me, and I him.
…friends who are not only willing, but eager to spend a wedding crawling around a giant adult playground.
…a rewarding spiritual life and a life lived in gods.
…medication to help me focus and be productive
…work that benefits others and being able to do a good job.
…my awesome supervisor.
…brothers to see the Muppet Movie with.
…my life, which over the past year has only been improving, and everything in it.
…and especially my mother’s cooking.

(I’m not thankful for whatever version of IE my work computer has….it will not load wordpress correctly. This was written last week)

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