Childhood Heroes

14 Nov

Tonight, LeVar Burton is speaking at ISU as part of their free fall speaker collection. It’s Education week, which means he’s not talking Star Trek, but more Reading Rainbow and the power of reading and the spoken word. That’s even better, as far as I’m concerned. I may have had a LaForge action figure as a kid, but I grew up to have an English degree.

Reading Rainbow was one of those shows that I thought got better as I got older. I was too hyperactive as a kid to really watch TV as anything other than background noise, so I didn’t watch much of it. But reading –of any sort– captured my interest like nothing else. And seeing the science-minded LaForge on Reading Rainbow connected things for me. I was more science-minded as a kid. I loved space, I loved exploration, and I loved working things out. unfortunately, once science became more about math, my capacity for the subject just couldn’t keep up with my love for it. Instead of being able to take the space sciences classes, I ended up in Earth Science.

The best thing I can say about that class is that I rocked it. Pun intended. I slept through it, and had the highest grade, mostly because I still loved science. But I suck at math.

Seeing Burton tonight is a reminder that I can have many passions and loves, and that being a nerd never dies. I’ll try to write-up something on it later. (If you really want to know how much this means to me, they had Dan Savage there at the start of the series. I decided to go to dance class instead. If I had dance today? I’d still be going to ISU tonight!)

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