Updates in my life

10 Nov

Now in handy bullet format!

  • Easing into better diet and exercise habits. I’ve learned that I have a serious sweet tooth. Halloween Candy at work is a serious detriment. But I have had some success. And I like the new gym that opened ($10 a month? Awesome!) even if it gets busy and I need someone to show me how weights work.
  • My SIL’s car broke. Again. So she’s been borrowing mine as needed. Again. And now she’s complaining about the cars that her parents are trying to find for her. She takes the passive roll in this all the time and makes excuses for why she can’t do anything.
  • Watching season 2 of Glee. I have complex feelings. Part of them include being half in love with Blaine’s eyebrows.
  • I am really sort of sick of the dog barking and attacking me whenever I try to dance. He’s really obnoxious.
  • Looking for a new religion book to read, but I might just do some re-reading in my library.
  • I think I’m losing my husband this weekend. Apparently, there’s some sort of video game coming out that he ordered. Oh silly husbands.
  • It snowed today. Is it spring yet?
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