Showcase and Insomnia

25 Oct

…thankfully, one after the other, and I didn’t try to dance exhausted. Saturday’s showcase went really well, at least the bits I could watch. I was asked to work the ticket counter by the director, and if there’s one thing I’m really good at, it’s taking other people’s money. I worked there through intermission, so I only got to watch if someone didn’t want to give me money.

But what I saw, looked good. In addition to working the table, I also held props and cover-ups for people. We had a new level 2 student take her foray into performing solo, and she did wonderful. I missed my best friend performing, and I want to smack whoever snarkedĀ on her music choice loud enough for her to hear, which threw her totally off. Or so she said, that was a performance I actually missed. She’s gotten really good at floorwork, which is an area that I really suck at.

I was in the second half, so after intermission and a quick check of my hair and makeup (and I hope my makeup worked as well as I think it did. I’m still waiting on photos), I had to go on. The first half of my piece was choreographed to set a mood and theme, the rest was improv. I got an instant reaction to the music, which was pretty different from the fairly slow or fusiony pieces that had been played before, and then I went into performance mode and I have a hard time recalling the rest. I know I was focusing on keeping a smile and not going too blank face, which was a goal, and I didn’t freeze during the improv.

Unfortunately, I know I didn’t hit some of the bits I wanted to do, and my arms could have used work, but I think I did alright. I’ll know when I see the dvd of it.

Even more sucky, is that though I left the after party at 11, after having a great conversation with the tap director, I didn’t fall asleep until 5 am. I tossed and turned, until I took a bath at 4 and read for an hour. I got a few hours of sleep after that, then headed to my sister in law’s to help her with costuming for work. I ironed muslin for hours.

And then didn’t sleep sunday night either. I came home early from work to try to nap, but it never happened. Finally got to sleep last night. I’m working on my sleep debt now, but I’m still exhausted.

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