The Search for Breakfast

21 Oct

I am not a morning eater. If I had a real choice, I probably wouldn’t eat until about 10 am. However, my medication requires that I eat, and I forget to take it if it’s not morning. So I have to eat.  But I can’t just eat anything, because apparently, merely a full stomach isn’t enough to lessen the stomach ache. And worse yet, I hit a breaking point after about two weeks where whatever I’ve been eating is just disgusting.

Well, unless I’m broke and I’m just buying whatever is cheap and consistent.
So lately, I’ve been on the search for a good set of breakfasts to go between as needed. I have a few set rules for an at home breakfast. I’m trying to lessen the amount of meat I eat, so no more than one small serving.  Breakfast should be about 300 calories, give or take. Breakfast should be healthy, and shouldn’t take more than 15 minutes to make. Props if it is just assembled at the same time I make my lunch for the day.

Just fruit? Nope. The week I tried my old breakfast of a pear or apple, I was miserable.
Smoothie? Is okay, but it wakes up my appetite and I’m starving within an hour. I haven’t tried green smoothies yet, but I’m wondering if it’ll be the same.
Yogurt with fruit? Same as smoothie.

Bagel with spread of some sort: Is okay. I don’t quite make it until lunch with it, but it’s okay. Particularly if it’s an egg bagel and heated (not toasted)
English muffin: I spent about 3 years eating an english muffin and peanut butter for breakfast every day, because it was stupid cheap from Aldi. Unless it’s homemade, I don’t want to see these again.
Homemade bread: Awesome. But I make bread by hand, so it’s not consistent.

Bacon and Eggs: Works. But I’m horrible at making bacon. But, I don’t always want to eat meat, which is the same problem with one of my legit favorites: bagel, mustard and ham slice, oven warmed.

Cereal sucks. Oatmeal gets old real quick. This week I’ve been trying out muesli with yogurt which is working pretty well. We will see if it passes the one week test, but it’s delicious so far. But not always good at keeping the stomach at bay.

I guess what I’m really trying to say here? I hate breakfast foods. When I was a kid, I had either soup or a hot dog for breakfast. But those don’t really work for me anymore either. Although….maybe the soup. I think I may make one to go into the rotation.

Oh, and when I eat out? All bets are off, but it’s usually crepes. YUM.


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2 responses to “The Search for Breakfast

  1. Jessi

    October 21, 2011 at 1:03 pm

    When you do have oatmeal, do you add anything to it? Because I eat it after I get to work, I keep the instant stuff, which is pre-flavored and helps, I HATE the taste of plain. However, I add nuts and dried berries (whatever is on sale, I’ve been finding a lot of good mixes, which makes storage a lot easier). It also makes the oatmeal, whether fresh or instant, a lot more filling. And I go through a package of nuts/berries in about a week or two, so can change it up fairly regularly).

    If you’re bad at making bacon, the microwavable stuff, although it SOUNDS terrible, and you don’t want to eat it regularly, is actually not too bad, and it’s hard to screw it up. Baking it (on a rack to keep out of the drippings) is easier than frying. Turkey bacon is also delicious!

    Hope that helps at least a little bit.

    • Nuri

      October 25, 2011 at 9:17 am

      I normally add fruit to it, and a little bit of vanilla sugar (my downfall). And yeah, I’ve microwaved bacon too, but my microwave doesn’t like cooking evenly. Obnoxious thing 🙂

      The yogurt and museli I’m eating right now is working all right, today was the first day it hasn’t prevented the morning ugh, so it’s staying in the rotation.


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