Be Brave, an update

28 Sep

My life has been eaten by my husbands work, choreographing, cheesy novel and getting in touch with Hestia on the physical level. The Daybook will return next week, this week, I’ve resumed my normal practice of baking bread. What a joy it is to be able to bake without it being outrageously hot. This week I got back in the groove with a simple white rosemary loaf.

I’ve been named to yet another, smaller catastrophe response at work, and it’s going well. I bought myself a present, a pretty skirt with the bonus the last one gave me. But I think I should have gotten a massage instead. My back feels terrible right now, not outright hurting, but aching so very much. I’m trying to sit up straight, but it’s not helping as well as it usually does.

Choreography is about halfway done, with snippets of the other half planned. It’s a little spinny and a lot of posing, but the song calls for it. The next sections are thematically planned: smooth and extensions, sharp accent, then a shimmy section and exit. I probably would have gotten a section done last night if my back was feeling better. Instead I did a couple of improv rounds and took a bath. I should have it done by saturday so I can start tweaking it and making it perfect.

Anyways, back to work. These products don’t shop themselves after all.

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