Simple Woman’s Daybook 9/15

15 Sep

Outside my window…
Yesterday’s rain has cleared into a beautiful, if chilly day.

I am thinking…
On what I’m doing for dinner. I have my plan, but the husband forgot to tell me that he has Open House tonight and won’t be home until after 9. I might still heat up the stuffed shells I had planned, but I might do something else.

I am thankful…
for warm blankets and warmer husbands.

In the kitchen…
Tried a new recipe on Tuesday, following having only limited water Monday and the next morning (upstairs shower broke, and we had the water turned off for the day, turning it on manually for our shower Tuesday) Gnocchi and cheese. I got to buy fancy cheeses, and it was nummy.

I am wearing…
my new to me cream sweater, blue undershirt and jeans. I love a casual workplace.

I am creating…
Section 1 of my choreography is complete, and I’m starting the second tonight.

I am going…
to a wedding on Saturday.

I am wondering…
Where the heck they are registered.

I am reading…
The Dervish House by Ian McDonald. It’s good, but slow reading. Because it deserves to be taken slowly.

I am hoping…
my headache goes away with the tea I’m drinking.

I am looking forward to…
buying a new dance skirt.

I am hearing…
Podfic. I’m working after all.

Around the house…
Still a bit of a mess. Must get on the husband to actually put away his clothes, I use that basket damnit.

I am pondering…
Why I keep getting awards and stuff for just doing my job. Is doing my job instead of chatting really that different from the people around me?

One of my favorite things…
Standing backbends practice. But oh, how I need more yoga afterwards.

A few plans for the rest of the week:
Dancing, wedding, cleaning, planning, sleeping.

Here is picture for thought I am sharing…

“Women who make a house a home make a far greater contribution to society than those who command large armies or stand at the head of impressive corporations.” Gordon B. Hinckley

(sure, a LDS source, but what a Hestian quote!)

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