A leftovers sort of day…

25 Aug

The past week has been weird. I cleaned and decluttered a bit in the living room and kitchen this week in a fit of excess energy on Monday. I also began walking on my breaks at work, which I’m crediting for my energy  bursts. So, that’s going pretty well. Husband is feeling pretty whelmed about actually having students. He’s going do  just fine. Both sisters in law have started their new jobs, and they range in their feelings on them.

But the week has also just been weird. We got a parking ticket for blocking the sidewalk (at 4:45 in the morning!)  in our driveway. Hopefully, we can get the garage cleaned out and park at least one of the cars there. instead. Maybe even two! Also, earlier that day, I was stuck behind a yacht when all the stoplights went out on the busiest street in Bloomington.

Also, husband’s old job forgot to process his paycheck for this week, and won’t do it until the next pay period. We will be tight for two weeks, but our buffer should cover it, plus he should be reimbursed for buying things for the classroom soon. But it sucks, because I need to pay for dance lessons and meds this week too.

And rounding up the leftovers for this week? Meds! Because my doctor refuses to write me a 90 day script until I see her again. 1 month supply =$100, 90 Day = $100. I have an appointment made for tomorrow. Would have been nice of her to say the last time I requested the 90 days and she didn’t do it, but the pharmacy just did 3 at a time. As you can tell, I don’t like going to doctors when I’m fine. My hip is doing well, I came out of a depressive episode really quickly, and my meds keep me nice and focused for most of the day.  I don’t have a need until I schedule my yearly stuff. Oh well.

But other than that, I’ve been doing well. I’m feeling pretty balanced, and I’m using improv as a daily devotional activity this week for Dionysos. Next week, it’ll switch to choreography in preparation for the student showcase. I’m improving at our hafla this Sunday, and hopefully, I won’t freeze in the middle of it!

And now, to go heat up leftovers for dinner!


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2 responses to “A leftovers sort of day…

  1. San

    August 28, 2011 at 12:03 pm

    Hello! I was reading about “Dancing Mania” and couldn’t help but think of you! Have you looked into it to any degree?
    Here is the wikipedia page:

    Also, a poem from the “Strassburgh Chronicle”:
    Amidst our people here is come
    The madness of the dance.
    In every town there now are some
    Who fall upon a trance.
    It drives them ever night and day,
    They scarcely stop for breath,
    Till some have dropped along the way
    And some are met by death.

    • Nuri

      August 28, 2011 at 12:11 pm

      I’ve read about it here and there, but not in any serious manner. Now I have more to look at! And what a great poem, thank you!


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