Simple Woman’s Daybook 8/7

07 Aug

Once again, I am doing The Simple Woman’s Daybook as a weekly devotional activity for Hestia. Let me know if you play along.


Outside my window…
It seems beautiful and sunny. But the daystar hurts us precious.  I wish the flowers didn’t look so ragged though.

I am thinking…
Of my plans for the day. I need to clean the masters suite, and I have a recipe that I am going to try.

I am thankful…
For a loving and supportive family. I had a mental break yesterday and because of my wonderful husband and his sister,  I was able to prevent it from becoming something more and get my daily activities done. I even made fudge!

In the kitchen…
Today I am planning to make these buffalo chicken eggrolls except with mozzarella instead of bleu cheese. No one in my house likes that kind. I was trying to teach my Sister in Law how to roast a chicken last night, and while she still doesn’t like the idea of touching meat that still looks like the animal it came from (“I prefer it in nugget form!) she did quite like the seasoning I made. And the fudge. noms.

I am wearing…
pajamas! I haven’t decided to get up yet.

I am creating…
It’s not so much creating as I need to edit the song I want to use for the Hafla.

I am going…
nowhere today.

I am wondering…
How to get everything done when my husband didn’t go to bed until 7am. Granted, it was because of blood sugar issues, but I need to do work in the suite.

I am reading…
The Light Horseman’s Daughter. I think that’s whats on my kindle right now. I’ve read through  a bunch of books on my kindle this week since I realized that text to speech is awesome.

I am hoping…
That my husband hears back on the interview he had last week. And that he gets it. It was his 4th interview since the beginning of the summer, so he’s obviously doing something right, but so far, no teaching job for the beginning of the year.

I am looking forward to…
My friend Puck coming down today.

I am hearing…
Nanny 911. Don’t judge, it’s morning.

Around the house…
In the immortal words of my twin brother, “There’s so much work to do!”

I am pondering…
This Hellenic Devotional and what to do with it.

One of my favorite things…
I just realized I still have a Lush face mask. This makes me happy.

A few plans for the rest of the week:
Work, dance, cooking –I’m not that exciting.

Here is a picture for thought I am sharing…

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