The Expensive (in a good way) weekend….

18 Jul

I am usually a miser. I don’t do big trips or lots of shopping (except for work, obviously) but this month is a rare month. It is a three paycheck month. For both my husband and myself. In honor of this, when a trip was planned to go up to the Bristol Renaissance Faire for a weekend, we said, “Oh yes!”.

To be fair, the trip could have been cheaper. Our friends went to Great America the day before, which we passed on. We’re not rollercoaster people. We all got dinner at an expensive, but delicious Brazilian steakhouse, Texas De Brazil, in the Woodfield Mall.  Go for the meat, stay for the salad bar, you won’t be disappointed. I need to make the little cheese stuffed breads again. We also went shopping while at the mall. I indulged in stores for bath products, one of my luxuries in life. Also, tea.

We stayed at my parents (most others got hotel rooms. We were saving money) and my mom made my favorite cookies and gave me the recipe. Which means I’m going to make them soon. We got up early, waited for a friend to show so we could carpool, and headed up the 2 hours to Bristol. I wore my usual Turkish garb, husband wore  his pirate stuff, and friends wore whatever they seemed to love best.

And we had a great time, despite the heat. We caught the Mud Show, Barely Balancing (an acrobatic trio, one of whom was my sister in law’s assistant for at least one show in grad school) and Dirk and Guido. I’d’ve liked to shop and listen to music more. But it was really hot, and nick is still injured, so we did different things than I’d like. We did however, find rings that he liked, that were cheap and in his size, for him to wear. He hasn’t worn a wedding band in a couple of years, and while we save for new ones to replace the one he lost, this will work. The band itself isn’t that important, but what it symbolizes. I got a shiny too. A little bracelet of pretty blue stones, lapis mostly, but others that I can’t recall at the moment.

In short, had a blast with my friends, despite spending a lot more money than I like to do. But in a way, this was my husbands and I only vacation together. We don’t go out like this a lot, and we might as well celebrate having an extra paycheck by doing something with it other than paying off more debt. And that’s a big motivator for us as well.

Now…my new shift at work started today. This 8 am start time is difficult today.


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