Update on Housing

03 Jul

So, we’re not being kicked out of the house anymore. The grandmother decided to either buy or go live with another family member. Which means at least, we don’t have to look for anything new. On the other hand, we had a sit down discussion with the landlords, who did a great impression of a discussion. It was more of a laying down of the law.

For the past years, we’ve been working under the assumption that we were given that one upstairs bedroom and the upstairs landing was a common area. Apparently we were wrong! But despite that they’ve been aware of how we used the space for the entire year, they’ve now redefined public space as the main floor only. And they are going to rent out the bedroom — we’ve been using it as an office. At least they plan on renting it to another friend of ours.

Pretty much, they’ve cut our space in half. Luckily, my brother has said we can use his house for a little bit of storage if we need it. I cleaned out our closet to start moving furniture and other things around.¬† Nick’s desk is just going to be thrown out. It wasn’t going to make it another move anyways.

But the things that really gets me is that now they want to issue a per-diem on guests that stay a longer time than one or two days. But we have to be honest and pay it, they won’t keep track. This isn’t in our lease, the understanding isn’t in our lease. And it doesn’t apply to any of our roommates guests, because he’s their son, not their tenant. I’m not sure what to do with this, particularly since my mom is asking for us to take my twin brother in later this month for a weekend and we don’t have the space anymore for him since we don’t have the upstairs anymore. He doesn’t always do well with my other brothers, either.

I’m angry, but I’m getting over it. I can deal with anything for a year. And if my husband can land a teaching job, we are going to try to live on his salary alone, put the rest to debt payment and saving for a down payment. I think we can do it. Now he just has to get a job.

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