Maintaining Radio Silence

28 Jun

So, I’ve been not updating for a while. Part was I was too angry to post. Yep, too angry. I’ve spoken before about how my husband and I live with another couple in a single family home, renting from the roommates father. We renewed our lease a couple of months ago, extending it out an extra month or two, hoping that this would be the last year in the house, perhaps even buying our own next year.

Well, this isn’t only our last year in the house, but our last couple of months. And not by choice. Our landlord informed us over email that his mother (roommates Grandma) would need a main floor place to live, and they wanted to move her into our house, and by extension the masters suite we rent. At first, it seemed we could say no, and we did a cursory look for apartments not really finding anything in our price range. When we said as much when we met with our landlord the next day, the tone change from a request to a demand. She was moving in whether we left or not. Which meant being forced out of our specified suite no matter what.

As you can tell, very illegal. Very unethical. We’re being treated like his children and not renters. We’re going to talk to get a timeline, get our security deposit back, moving costs, etc.  Husband really wants to ask for 5k as well, his estimate of the difference between getting a LKQ apartment/house and what we pay now for the remainder of our lease. Doubt we will get that, but it’s going to be a starting point.

They are treating us shitty, and we don’t really have respect for him anymore. We understand the situation. When it was just them asking, it was okay and while it would have been tense for the next year, we could have done it. Now? Who knows.  And it’s horrible timing for us; husband is frantically searching for a teaching job. He’s had a couple of interviews, but his search radius is an hour and half out. We’re open to moving outside of the city, but we don’t want to move one direction and then he gets a job in the other. And he’s not sure how long his current job will last, either.

I’ve got a couple of leads, but really, we’re very pissed off here and this is the first I’ve been able to write reasonably. The other reason? I was off having a blast at Tribal Revolution. But that’s another post.

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