Dance statement and goals

13 Jun

1. I’m not worried about dancing true to my “authentic self”, I am dancing in all of my parts. There is no authentic true self, there is just me.

2. Dancing is not serious bizness. Dancing is fun. While I might get serious about my dancing and my community, when it’s not fun, it’s time to step back and find the fun again. Fun comes in many formsĀ  and sometime the thinky-bits are the most fun.

3. My real hobby is dress up. Bellydancing is just another expression of that. Just a lot more active.

4. As with the rest of my life as I try to engage in a simpler life; I chose to dance. It is a fun, engaging hobby and an outlet for my creativity. It is good to my body, it is good to my brain, and it is always a challenge.

Current Dance Goals:

1. Performance Quality: I want to get my confidence and performance skills to a point where I could dance outside of student shows. I’m going to work on this by performing when I can at student haflas and shows, and work on not shutting down while dancing. I think my technique is there, but I’m too inside myself while performing to engage with the audience

2. No more t-rex arms. Arms need to exhibit grace and intention, even at rest. This is difficult for me, not being the most body aware person.

3. Enjoy and expand my improv skills. I enjoy improv right now, but I feel like I do just one thing at a time, I want to work on pulling together pieces to make something coherent.

4. Practice, practice, practice. Do something almost every day. I can take one day a week off. Even if I just improv for 5 minutes, I can engage myself and improve.

5. Physical challenges to break down: floorwork, going into plie (and figure out where the issue is, cause it’s not my hip at all), adding additional layering (footwork, body and arms!), endurance. These will be targeted during my morning sessions, and hopefully during class and informal drilling sessions.

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