30 Days of Paganism Day 27 How your faith has helped you in difficult times

07 Jun

Because this is really personal, it’s going to be briefer than usual. I’ve got a small laundry list of disorders. The physical ones are really the least of my worries. ADHD is my every day life, and depression comes and goes. (It, thankfully, is in a “go” period right now).

And I got through some of the worst bouts since middle school  during college because of a variety of things: cheap therapy provided through my school, my loving then-boyfriend, and well, discovering Dionysos as a god who encourages you to break bonds that limit you. Developing a mystic side also gave me a way to channel my experiences into a positive reinforcement.

Religious has never been a fix all for my problems. It’s there in my life, and it is part of my coping toolkit, and ever-present. I hate it when people say that religion is crutch, particularly when they say it with scorn. Crutches are useful, and that sentence reeks of people who like to catch disabled people not presenting as disabled.  Like the companies that scour facebook for a person with FMLA for depression looking happy or having a good day, as if it is proof that they can’t be depressed.

When I’m depressed, I smile more. That’s a coping method too. Uh, this was a digression again. In real short terms, I pull upon my strengths and one of those is religious faith, as is the faith that whatever it is, will pass and I will get through it.

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