30 Days of Paganism Day 26: Any “secular” pastimes with religious significance, and why

03 Jun

Well this one is pretty easy for me. When I moved back to Central Illinois, I started bellydance lessons. I had tried back in the suburbs but the class was canceled. Sadness. But I started taking classes and I fell in total love with dancing.

In college, I wrote poetry. Some of it is pretty good, others I prefer to forget. That muse has pretty much left the building, except when coming up with quick devotional offerings. But dance, man. It’s been four years and I still haven’t gotten tired of it. I’m in my studios 3rd level class, mostly by sheer determination rather than any actual skill. My dance goals are to be good and engaging enough to perform outside of student shows eventually. I don’t really have a specific style, but if I must have a label, I’ll go with Triberet.

I started dancing in part because I viewed it as a devotional activity for Dionysos. I look forward to class every week –an hour where I can learn amongst women that I don’t feel catty about, that we laugh and learn, and I can try to focus my attention on one thing that Dionysos inspires readily, a will and need to dance.

And while I view it at a devotional activity, it’s also now my main hobby outside of the raging internet addiction. I’m attending Tribal Revolution later this month, and managed to get myself into the Rachel Brice workshops. I feel vastly under-prepared for them, but I’m looking forward all the same. I’m going with two of my best friends, and I get to go shopping for shiny things. It’s going to be great.

Besides this, I do view certain reading and researching as devotional. But not everything — that needs to be mindful. I’m also learning bread-baking as a devotional activity, and so is the herb garden I’ve started.

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