30 Days of Paganism Day 25: Priest? Clergy? One or both? Neither?

01 Jun

…All of the above?

I’m recently coming out of a period where I believed with holy fervor that I needed to be a priestess. And not just a household one, but a big time leader. I blame my brother, because seeing him go through the process of Ordination was inspiring. He ditched his secular life in service of his god.

…okay, not that being a manager at a truck rental place is any sort of important secular life. At least at the insurance company where I work, I can say that I am helping people recover. Priesthood has been good for the brother, even if he had to undergo empathy training. This is my family folks. This should explain everything. Very well-meaning, very dedicated, no social ability whatsoever.

But I felt I needed to do something similar. But while I wanted (and still kinda do) to be a monk as a kid, I don’t have the temperament for it now, particularly since there isn’t a broader community to do it in. I do benefit from structure, but I have a hard time getting it going on myself. This is a digression, isn’t it? See what I mean. Structure, darling girl. I barely can keep my head on. I’ve heard of one other Hellenic in Central Illinois, and while they are close, it would still mean driving, and that’s more terrifying than anything else. I get lost in straight lines.

But between my brother, and a series of people I was watching and reading on LJ/other blogs, etc, I got a little caught up. I’m mostly over that now. Other than in the way that if you are the one contacting the gods, you are a priest. Or that we are all priests, oh, you get the point. I’m not part of any local community and I do things all on my own, what’s the point of professional clergy without it? Part of my simplifying process that I am working on is releasing the things that I don’t desire, or that aren’t good for me. This desire is one of them.

Does paganism need pro clergy? If that’s what you need, go for it. It’s good to have those resources. But Hellenic Paganism is first a religion of the household, and clergy is few and far. And I’m good with that. I’ll be devoted to my gods without needing that validation, without being an uber mystic, just a small everyday mystic.

Maybe when I’m old I’ll become a monk. Because monks are still awesome.

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