30 Days of Paganism Day 22: Paganism and major life events

29 May

Again, I am not entirely sure what was going through my head when I planned this day. In the context of my life since I’ve become a Hellenic, my major life events are graduating and getting married.

I didn’t really do anything special when I graduated, because there wasn’t time. I moved out of my college apartment and went to Missouri for my brothers pre-seminary graduation. The closest thing to special religious time I got there was that since it was at a monastery, I took some time to go for a walk and be silent. Which after the hecticness which is your last few weeks as a senior, is important.

Then I got married. I think if my husband had any inclination towards religion, I could have done more. After we moved in, I dragged him to my altar and made offerings to Hera, asking her to bless our marriage and our commitment to each other.

But other than that, there’s no kids and it seems silly to keep dragging my husband to the altar. I try to do an extra offering to Apollo and Artemis around my birthday, as I think it’s appropriate being a twin. But it does make me wonder what I will do when there are children, how will I incorporate my faith while respecting my husbands wishes? I’ve got ideas, but nothing in words and nothing ready to be written. Which is pretty much my thoughts on having kids right now anyways. They are ideas, but nothing ready to gestate!

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