Why Hello There!

27 May

FreeJinger gave my blog the biggest one day hit counter ever. 73. If any of you stick around, I’ll be pleased as punch. Now I have new goal.

Let’s see, an update on my life:

  • I got a new shift at work, which is fabulous, and it starts Tuesday. We’re cutting back the department hours, which means the new people will have the same shift as well. My end time is now 5:30 instead of 7.
  • Speaking of work, I got promoted. It’s a pay grade promotion really, because they determined I was already doing the work of the next level of worker. It’s really awesome because they don’t usually promote until you’ve been there a year. I’ve been in the department 7 months.
  • Also speaking of work; we were this close to doing claims on ourselves. We spent the last hour of work hunkered in the basement of our Corporate Headquarters, hoping that a tornado didn’t hit us. I also had to convince a friend, via text, that driving to work while the sirens were going off was probably a bad idea.
  • I am far too happy about the blanket I bought for the bed. This is probably a problem showing that I should let myself decorate.
  • After the wardrobe purge has come the bookshelf purge. I’m still trying to sell off old D&D books, but we’ve packed up almost 50 books to go to goodwill.
  • We’ve had a houseguest for the past few days. Our friends car broke on the way home from California. When it broke, the nearest Ford dealership was in Joplin. For obvious reasons, he limped here instead. They are dragging out repairs and our friend is pissy about not seeing his kids in weeks.
  • Oven still doesn’t work, but at least our landlord worked on the lawn. It was looking a little abandoned.
  • Operation: CLEAN ALL THE THINGS is in full force, and I’ve kept the bedroom more or less spotless all week. Next is reshuffling books around and organizing some of the spaces. And, well, the rest of the house.
  • Working on digital clutter. This time it was my starred items in Reader. I took it from over 500 to 40. Most of those are long posts or recipes to try, so I’m working through them too.

Thinking about the next post for 30 Days of Paganism. I should just do a freewrite, because trying to structure them makes me angry and frustrated at the whole thing.

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