30 Days of Paganism: Day 20 Paganism and my relationship

18 May

I think I’m hitting the home stretch here, and if I wasn’t so bogged down at work (We are behind. Very very behind), I’d be cranking these out.

You’ve been reading these, so you get the gist of what I believe — Greek Gods, attempt at consistent practice (which right now is yoga. I know, I’m shocked too), grounded in Dionysos and Hestia. The big reveal? My husband is a big fat nothing. I think he’s technically an agnostic, but I think he is more along the lines of indifferent.

And so that causes conflict. I don’t ask him to do anything with me, unless we are visiting people. He doesn’t begrudge me space for my altar, the money I spend, the time I take, this blog, nothing. I do sometimes feel indulged rather than respected, but that’s okay.

There’s talk of a so-called “God Gene”, or genetics that predisposes you to religious belief. I think I have it, I’m pretty sure husband doesn’t. I think he is as supportive as he can be, and I wouldn’t have him any other way.

Because we have a lot that we do share: a profound love of space and exploration, of history, of people. We both find the world fascinating and awesome. And that works for me to be able to share my spirituality with him.

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