Weekend Roundup

08 May

I was social this weekend. I stepped out of the Wedding Party trip to the Dells this weekend, partially because there wasn’t enough late night coverage at work and I thought we were moving floors on Friday (my move date is now Weds), and because, well, it was a little out of my budget. Instead, I used a gift card to Kohls and went shopping with two of my other friends. I did well, getting 5 new shirts and spending only 2.74 over my gift card, and getting the bra I needed at Lane Bryant for $25.

I’m cheap, and this was pretty much the only shopping I’ll do until next winter, unless I have a need rather than a gift card induced want.

But it was nice being girly with a couple of friends who don’t get to be that way very often. And not be shamed because I like being girly every so often.

I also made a great dinner: lemon cream pasta with chicken, with veggies. Enough for all the people who were over too. Our oven is still broken, so I can only cook on the range, but I’m trying for that to be enough.

Skipped practice. After being social Saturday, I just couldn’t do it and my body rebelled against it — although I did go out to eat with folks. Instead, I sat outside with the dog and read for an hour, then watched No Impact Man. It was good quiet time. I got a bit of a sunburn though, so I am very thankful that my bridesmaids dress has a shrug with it!

I did my normal Saturday and Sunday chores, but I also got to work on my decluttering project. I’m secretly go through my husbands clothes and getting rid of the worst of them, or putting the sentimental shirts that are actually just rags in storage. This week it was going through his sweatpants. Man has more clothes than me, but refuses to hang anything up, and then complains that he can’t fit everything in his dresser — and wants to keep the clothes in the laundry basket all week.

The laundry basket has another use though, and it is currently housing the big declutter project: bookshelves. I’m through 2/3 of the shelves and the basket is nearing full, just of my books that I haven’t re-read or used as reference in the past 5 years or so. Husband won’t let me touch his books, but that may change eventually. Once it’s full, I need to make a trip to goodwill with all the other donate-ables that I have assembled. I want nick to do the same, but it’s an uphill battle, so I’m doing just my stuff now.

My reading consumption is high this week, thanks again to the wonderous kindle and my paper book backlog.
On Kindle:
2 pagan books, mostly just as background community reading
Tailor Made Bride (I have this thing for Christian Romance fiction, since they are often free books on Amazon. I skip the Jesus, and the books from this publisher actually tend to have decent plots.)
Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire

On paper:
Dancing with Mister Darcy (short stories inspired by Jane Austen. Several were quite good, but it’s not a re-read. In the laundry basket it went)
Leviathan (I ❤ Scott Westerfield)
Whole Living Magazine

I am currently reading:
Sense and Sensibility
City of Bones

I have a huge backlog to attend to, and I keep downloading all the free shit I can from amazon, just not synching my kindle. I have one more book in my "friend-lent" backlog after I finish city of bones, and then I can assemble my own. It's exhausting…

I hope to get out more 30 days of paganism this week, depending on just how much behind we are at work, and what I need to get done before this wedding.

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