Thank Hermes for a huge work opportunity

06 May

Thanks be to Hermes!

I’ve been working at my new job for less than a year, and I figured I was doing pretty well. My stats are good, and if the job is a bit repetitive, it beats the call center. So imagine my surprise when my supervisor comes up to me and says, “Your name was flouted for a special team. The meeting is tomorrow.” Uh, okay. She gives me a short rundown of the responsibilities, and I come in early today for the meeting and…

Okay, if you haven’t gathered by now that I work for a major insurance company (and if you know what town I’m in, you’d even have a good guess which one it is) and work with contents of losses, you haven’t been paying attention. And if you haven’t noticed that the south has just been ravaged by the weather, you need to wake up out of your obvious coma.

Put those two together, and you can start to see the team I’m on now. Basically, enough time has passed that our Catastrophe department is getting inventories from the disaster. And for the very worst of these, they want one on one support from our department, one person that can see the request for quotes from beginning to end, and knows all the information.

I got to this meeting, and all of the other members have been in the department for years and years. And I haven’t even hit a year yet. We have no idea what the scope of this is going to be — we weren’t shot down about overtime or working from home. That’s ….interesting, because as a department, we don’t do that. But since any OT is billable to catastrophe, they might.

It’s a little overwhelming, but thanks to Hermes for giving me this opportunity. We were selected for our skills in quoting, speed and customer service. I hate that such destruction has allowed for this opportunity, but all things being interconnected, it has.

May I do right by my customers and most importantly, those people who have lost so much. Hermes, lend me the presence of mind, the grace and courage to do the very best that I can and be mindful of who is end recipent of my work.

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