30 Days of Paganism: Day 17: My ways of worship

30 Apr

Welcome back to the 30 Days of Paganism, where all thirty days do not have to be next to each other!

I’m writing this as I procrastinate on one of my least favorite chores. Not that I have favorite chores, mind you, just ones that I don’t mind doing as much. I’m picking up the bedroom and bathroom, organizing my cluttered life, and doing laundry.

Why am I saying this in a post that’s supposed to be about my ways of worship, or however I put it? My chores aren’t really all that interesting after all. Even a 5-year-old can clean their room (unless that 5-year-old is me) without a spiritual impact. But for me, being Hestian, making my house clean is a spiritual task. I want to create a home that is inviting and full of Gods. But I grew up not ever really having chores or set tasks to do. My parents kind of let that go to the wayside because they had both my twin brother and I to deal with, with our own special needs. I think mom thought it was a miracle if I remember to put my dirty clothes in the hamper.

So one of the ways I honor Hestia is learning to be an adult when it comes to making a good home. Since the house isn’t all our, the main place I do this is our bedroom suite. Most weekends are tidying weekends, with a good clean around the new moon (more on that in a minute). Weekdays is putting clothes in the hamper and making the bed, which I do while saying a quick prayer to Hestia.

Saturdays when the partiers haven’t left me a present of beer bottles all over the kitchen also mean fresh bread. Nothing brings a home together quicker than a loaf of bread, and I love doing it by hand. I have a go to recipe for bread that is simple and delicious. I’m thinking of trying the no-knead later on tonight, to see if I can keep it going.

If I put just one word to my way or worship, it would be notice. There are gods in all things. My daily life is spent in service, and service sometimes is just mundane shit. I notice things and they remind me of the gods. They are here, interacting with our world in ways we don’t always catch. They don’t just do the big things, but the little too.

My ways of worshiping Dionysos are a bit different. I do rituals on his holidays, and then when the mood strikes. I take dance lessons in his honor, and I strive to do well at them. Fridays nights are full of people enjoying themselves, drinking and letting loose. I facilitate this madness, and that is truly Dionysian.

I’m not a big gestures person. I’d rather give my simple offerings, live my life knowing and thanking the gods for all that they do for us humans, than any heavy lifting hoo-rah WORK. I know that this is also part of my calling to the gods, but it isn’t one they insist on too often, nor one that is needed of me that often.

But when I do …. I trance by dancing and chanting. I bring Dionysos into presence and let him descend and all is there, I pull forth and bring back what he has told me, secrets in my ears. And life is good, tough but good.

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