30 Days of Paganism: Day 16: On not being “Earth-Centered” or “Nature-Based”

27 Apr

I’ll be the first to say it, while I have an appreciation and love of nature, and can spend entire weekends in mud and muck and not be terribly put out, I don’t consider my religion in itself to be earth or nature based.

For me, Hellenic paganism is god-based. My gods, on the other hand, have relationships to Earth, to nature, etc. Shortly said, my connection to nature is through the divine.

However, Hellenic thought has it’s fair share of nature and earth based concepts. Nymphs and other land spirits, personifications, Gods who are so entwined with nature that they cannot be undone (Gaia, as can be guessed), mythology and festivals of the agricultural seasons. I can easily see the argument that Hellenic pagans are earth-based as well. And that’s fine and dandy.

But it’s not my argument and it’s not how I center or base my theology. It may just be a shift in priorities, but it’s still undeniably Pagan.

(plus, lets face it, the primary feature in Central Illinois is corn and soybeans. Maybe if I lived somewhere with some gorram geography, my opinion might change. Or you know, if we hadn’t destroyed the prairie.)

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