cold, windy, wet and miserable

20 Apr

Those are the words that pretty much everyone has used to describe Springwars this year. But unlike previous Springwars where that was true, it has been followed up with “And it’s the best event I’ve been to in years.” Which pleases me greatly.

The beginning of the week was just beautiful; sunny and warm. Thursday is when it started to sour, first it was just colder, then the winds picked up, and by Friday afternoon it was raining. It was an event where tents just snapped in the wind, or would be picked up by it. Jennie’s tent moved 50 feet from the side of mine to the front, causeing some drunken foolery.

What really saved our event was the barn. It served as a great hall, a friend organized a quick tourney in there for those who still wanted to fight, a lot of people just drank and hung out as we made feast. Saturday went much the same — an attempt to fight waylaid into drinking, chilling and feasting.

People loved it. We handed out belt flags for good garb, honor, deaths, etc. And we toasted to them. People sang happy birthday to me and my friend on our respective birthdays. We decorated troll with shiney necklaces and drank bad coffee. Nothing flooded. My tent didn’t break.

Fancy Feast was amazing good. I want Rob to be my houseboy. He can just cook for me. I think I had three servings of pork over the night.

But the big news? My husband finally was knighted. I can’t wait for the video of his trial to be posted, because I missed the first half because a chronically stupid girl got hypothermia, was refusing to go to the ER and Meeka and I were helping her recover. I showed up at the trial as he started puking. Go me. But he passed his trial and after feast he was knighted. Finally.

Now we can stop hemmoraging money on his armor, seriously.

But Springwars was fun, despite the weather, and we were underbudget and made a profit. We totally rock!

Then I came home and Jennie made us a Passover meal on Monday and I’ve spent the entire week doing laundry. My life is so exciting.

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