30 Days of Paganism: Day 14 Pantheon –Nymphs

11 Apr

There’s a beautiful nymph who lives on the ISU quad. I just can’t figure out what sort of tree she belongs too. But when I was at school, I’d cross her way pretty much every day, and the sight of that tree never failed to make me happy.

You’d think there would have been more — ISU’s quad is classified as an arboretum and has such variety of life that really, a nymph could be very happy. But if there were, they weren’t known to me.

Just that one, she with the billowing limbs stretching across the sky. In the winter stark and the summer bountiful. I left offerings to her. I’m not the only one who left offerings, either, because I’d sometimes leave mine next to other votives.

The nymph occupy a liminal space, connecting the worlds together, mortal and immortal, the living world beneath our feet and all around us. They are undeniably part of our world but not, because they are divine as well.

I stop by that tree often when on ISU’s Quad. She’s still there, grounding the space together.

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