Week in Review

10 Apr

Been a long, long week. As you can tell, I’ve upped myself on updating here. It’s intentional, of course. I was sick of having the 30 days meme over my head, and I needed a kick in the pants spiritually. After I redid my altar, it seemed perfect timing.

The weather has been a roller coaster. Beautiful one day, grumpy the next. Driving my hip nuts, but what you gonna do. I hope we continue the trend of nice weather towards the end of the week, because Springwars starts Thursday. Actually, that’s what’s taken up most of my week, Springwars preparation. Springwars is our big local weekend event for fighting, and the Kumpania is running it this year. So while I didn’t start out doing much, the past week I’ve felt a little like a chicken with its head cut off. But things are progressing well and the event should run smooth.

As long as the weather cooperates, we might even get a big turnout. April weather is such a crapshoot. My husband is also likely getting knighted, finally. I think I might just cry. And then clean out all of his armor making shit because I’m tired of him being stressed over it.

Works been fine. I like my job, but somedays even I get a little bored of online shopping for the same things over and over again.

I enabled myself shopping this weekend though: more new underwear, and some cute costume jewelry. My seasonal clothing purge should be happening shortly, and with fewer clothes, I’ll need something to add interest. I also went to Borders since it’s in its final closing week. Picked up a few more books: Green Pharmacy, a Robin Hobb, A Holly Black (Ironside, the last in the series. I was amazed to find it), Dancing with Mister Darcy (don’t judge my love!), and nick grabbed a teaching text he’s been wanting for a while.

Also items of interest? Monday through Friday I woke up and did yoga and prayer. I’ll be trying to lengthen it this week when not camping. AND I’m trying to wean myself off diet coke. This is really hard for me, but I’m down from 3 cans to 1 12 oz bottle a day, and it’s all been replaced by water. I’m doing really well on that goal, and I’m at the same time eating less meat. I feel pretty good, even if my weight went back up a bit. I’m feeling good and healthy, and that’s whats important.

I’m hoping to schedule posts while I’m gone this week, but that depends on what work is like. It’s been picking up lately, and while that’s nice in some respects, it totally harshes my writing groove.

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