30 Days of Paganism Day 13: Pantheon – Gods and Goddesses of the Growing World

09 Apr

So I’m throwing a whole bunch of Gods and Goddess here in a big lump. In short, a lot of my incidental offerings tend to be for Demeter.

See, Demeter was the first goddess I ever did a ritual action for, back in high school, long before I became Hellenic. I got the random urge to learn to bake bread and to do it in her honor. That first loaf? Was horrible. I like dense bread but this was flavorless but it was a start. As I kept learning, and kept baking bread entirely by hand those first few years, I did it with prayers and praise for Demeter.

And this is the way it is for those that I consider the gods and goddesses of the growing world. There’s so many that it’d be silly to list them. There Demeter and her daughter of course, as well as Dionysos, whom I’ve written of. I don’t consider Hellenic Paganism in itself to be a “nature religion” but there are certainly parts and aspects that are about growing, fertility and celebrating the world around us.

The area I grew up in was transitioning, I had a farm in my backyard until middle school. Now, it’s a fence and my high school. And businesses abound. But when I think of the growing world I think of Farmer Wagner, and the cornfields behind my house that I’d sneak into and the pumpkin patch that everyone stole from in October. Or the little pond that was perfect to read at after the farm had been sold, but not much had been built up yet.

They too, are with us. It’s spring now here in Central Illinois, and apparently that means that we have colder, sunny days followed by warm and rainy ones. And I thank these gods for that, because the world is growing again. No flowers yet, but the stalks and shoots are starting outside my bedroom window and the lawn is green.

And so I wake up, praise the sun as it rises and breath in the gods of the world.

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