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29 Mar

I swear, I only get to update Twisted Ingenue during slow days at work. I have a feeling this entire week is going to be slow, considering I haven’t done anything for the past half hour because there isn’t anything coming in. So let’s do a section by section update.

Let’s face it, I totally rock at shopping online. And the stats are starting to back me up. I’m consistently quick and accurate, and I’m starting to get opportunities to spread my wings and show my other skills (teaching, tech, adapting quickly) which is nice. I love my supervisor, despite her reputation as being by the book.

I’ll take by the book if it also means honest, consistent and approachable.

Currently working on organizing Wolfpack’s Springwars event, along with the other members of Kumpania Del Ruv. It’s going well, with just a little drama along the way. I’m worried that the weather isn’t going to cooperate. It’s cold still. Thankfully, the forecast is slowly going up, but we have a hard time getting people to forget the year it snowed, the year we had mud and an earthquake, etc.

They’ll not skip an oktoberfest for those reasons, but they will skip a springwars. Le sigh.

I’m working on the waiver spreadsheet for the event, and it’s both an easy task and a brain frying one. It also leads to hilarity when a friend is updating the googledoc with pre-reg info, and I’m on the other sheet. I can see you typing, teehee.

But I think the event will go well, just as it usually does. And fancy feast will be yummy, and I’ll be pretty.

Next to come after that is my brothers wedding. I only have a few things left to do for that, and they mostly involve clothing. After that is Tribal Revolution and the 12 hours of Rachel Brice workshops I’m attending. There’s more I want to do, but I have to appease the hip. I’m also thinking of doing a month of practice to gear up for that.

Haven’t decided the next project/goal after that, but I think it’s going to be retaking a course at work and then the one that comes after as prep work for grad school. Required to take these insurance classes before they’ll pay up. Then I have to decide what for….


Student Recital went very well. I didn’t suck, despite messing up my choreography right up until I went on for my slot. I’m waiting for the DVD so I can start picking out what to improve on –besides remembering there’s an audience. Apparently, I get very in my head when I dance, even if my facial expression is good.

But one of the better compliments I got is that it seems I’m finding my voice, or at least a new voice. Which is good, because one of my problems is that I’ve been trying to fit in with one of the big camp areas of bellydance in Central IL (you are either Tribal/Tribal fusion or Cabaret), and my problem has been that while I love the aesthetic of Tribal, I’ve noticed when I actually improv, my dance is more a distinct combination of the two.

So after two recitals where I tried to shoehorn myself into fusion, I decided to go Tribaret and deal with it. And I worked hard on my drum solo (Obligatory 3 minute Drum Solo by Rebecca Wolf Nail) to combine the styles, isolations and flowy bits, arm placements and costuming. And it must have worked if something coherent is coming out of it.

And I’m so stoke about it. My ipod is full of dance music, my browsing history is all dance stuff and I’m improving most nights. I don’t ever plan on being a professional, but I’m like to maybe perform outside of a student show or informal hafla someday. So, I’ve got to work hard!


See above — a lot of my religious work lately has been tied up with dancing and housework. Makes sense because of my patrons, but there hasn’t been a whole lot of outside work. But I figure — I’m working on integrating my spiritual and daily life and creating the sacred within each moment. It’s extraordinarily hard with my attention span, so I spend a lot of time with the media that works for me, that reminds me of my intent. So music, podcasts, books (both fiction and non-fiction) and such have been following me everywhere.

I feel like I’m busy, but I often look and think that I could do more. I really want to start decluttering and working on minimalism as well. Apparently, though, I’m not allowed to touch my husbands books. Even if he hasn’t read them in years. I’m getting ready to look through my own again and dump a bunch. If any are interesting, I’ll post them up.

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