Thoughts on my Kindle

11 Mar

My Kindle is fast becoming my new “object” love of my life. The previous owner, my bathtub, has been disappointing me lately and quite frankly, my kindle can go anywhere. The bathtub is just there.

I was hesitant towards e-readers. I’m a book person. I love reading, I get lost in reading, and I love the weight and feel of a good book. I’m a voracious re-reader as well and I hate letting go of books, even when they are destroyed. The exception, of course, is lending them. If I lose them that way, at least they are at a good home. I’m waiting for my kindle honeymoon period to wear off though, before I do a book purge now.

Because other than bathtub reading, almost all of mine has been done on the kindle. In college, I was took a Children’s Lit class that had us read some books that were out of copyright. This was before I was working at the local library, and the school library was out, and for some of the books, I really didn’t care to own them. So I looked online and found it on project gutenberg. I read it there instead of buying a copy.

It wasn’t the best for me, the computer screen, but I am a fandom nerd, I’m used to reading novels on computers.

So fast forward to now. I’m still a fandom nerd. I’m still reading lots of writing on paper, on the computer and now on the Kindle. And I think I’m enjoying the kindle more for pleasure reading, or lighter study works more than the feel of the book. And that weirds me out.

I think I’ll always have a combination of paper and ereader. I like relaxing in my old love, the bathtub, with a good book, and I won’t take my Kindle there. I’m not replacing any current books with digital copies. And if I want to do a workup on a book, I’ll probably buy a paper copy, because I remember events by where I am physically in the book. I haven’t been able to replicate that yet on the Kindle.

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