Oh Doctor…

29 Nov

I don’t generally go much to doctors. Since leaving my parents insurance, I haven’t had much luck with them, nor a whole lot of money to go. Even with my good insurance, it’s expensive (mostly, I never meet my deductible. Husband meets his quickly). But, I wanted back on meds and needed someone outside of myself to evaluate my hip pain.

Took two tries to go to the doctor this time, because of Grandpa’s funeral. I wanted to see a nurse practitioner this time, since I hated the doctor I was seeing. I had blood tests done a few weeks ago, and I am devastatingly healthy. In my head, this appointment should have been gone in, get prescriptions get out.

This time, I at least didn’t have to daring to have ADHD and being female. Instead, I get “Oh but you are so young, it can’t be bursitus!”. I get being skeptical since it was originally diagnosed by a campus doc, which is why I went to my then current doc, whom my family loves and adores, to get a second opinion. He concurred. I got physical therapy and an understanding that this pain will probably come and go.

This nurse practitioner, whom I did like, immediately wanted to do more tests — xrays, mri’s. Solely because I’m young. Never mind I have the risk factors, I’m young and its reoccurring. The xray I don’t really mind. I wanted one to see if there is an effect from other back issues. And she was thinking that the pain could also be caused by an unseen tiny fracture that healed poorly when I jumped down from my truck the day before the pain started. So, fair reasoning.

She justified an MRI with “we just don’t know!”. Which really, once I kinda realized the treatment is still going to be the same, I kinda stopped caring. Why get an expensive MRI when ibuprofen is the treatment anyways? When the only reason she has to want it is that I’m young. I have no problem with getting tests done, I just want there to be a reason.

Ahh well. I have orders for a xray, so I need to find the time to do that and I have meds to pick up after work. It’s gonna feel awesome to be medicated again. It helps everything.

Also, my hip was not hurting today until she started poking at it.

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