30 Days of Paganism: Day 7: Patrons

28 Nov

Oh hey look, a topic ensured to enrage some section of Hellenics.. Patrons!

In short: I think patrons have a lot of different meanings and are probably more likely than you think.

Historically, the Gods were patrons of things and place. Cities, professions, concepts, ideas and very rarely people. I don’t think it’s all that different today. But this where people start get fuzzy: “Do you really think you are so special that the gods care that much about you?” And the answer is, no — but there’s a much smaller pool of people who follow the gods, and they tend to be devout, why wouldn’t the gods take interest?

Patron relations don’t need to be forever. Apollo and I bid adieu after only a few months, handing me to his brother Dionysos in that next winter. I have my most personal relationship with Dionysos — I am his, plain and simple, and he will come and go as needed, but he has my devotion. More on that in another post.

Lately, I’m wondering if Hestia is trying her best to get me to see her. I usually take a clue by four to notice anything, but I think she works so much more subtly. In the past month I have made what are huge strides for me in the field of “being an adult”. That is, housekeeping, homemaking and family life. I’ve gotten back into baking, giving her my first slice. I’ve even thought that she’s a bit behind my love affair with Anonymous 4’s American Appalachian folk music. The music is home to me.

The other goddess with whom I have a patron relationship calls more into because I am this, she is my patron. I’m married and after the wedding, I set up an altar to Hera. Lovely Hera has watched over our marriage since the beginning, through good and ill. And it has been for the best, even if we don’t have a strong personal relationship.

Hermes is one of the few gods I’ve sought out — and this time, it’s because it suits my profession. Shopping is right up his alley as is phone and customer work. My work altar for him is almost done!

Day 8 is holidays. This may actually be a rant, both about neopaganism and about my own inabilities.

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