30 Days of Paganism: Beliefs – Birth, death and rebirth

29 Oct

A lot of these topics make me wonder — am I focusing on the wrong things in life? My focus is usually on the gods and doing right by them and by society. I don’t really think about how the world came to be and the greater meaning of life and death. Those two things just seem so natural, so integral to the world that it’s not a big feature. It just is, and that’s really all I need.

But I suppose I’m not the only person in this world and I need to think about these things if I am to do right by the world.

I said before that I liked the beginning of the universe as a whim. I think the same for life. It is fantastic that I and others were born and given the ability live on this Earth. I also think this means we need to be considerate of all the other people who have been given this ability. It’s one reason I’m a really good (although mostly armchair) social just person. Life is too important to deny agency, deny a voice, deny the ability to live this life to whatever ability they can muster given a fair shot.

It also informs the adage I am trying like hope to live by “Live Simply so that others may Simply Live”

I find that since living is the important thing, I don’t worry too much about death. It will happen when it happens, and I hope it’s peaceful for me. Because I am a whims and don’t like pain. Death is natural and important. I get affronted when it is avoidable, when it is due to those social justice/kyriarchy reasons.

Along with death, comes the Dead. It’s almost Halloween, and so for many pagans (not so much me, this time of year feels transitional but not a tearing of the veil. Anthesteria feels that way for me — winter turning into spring).

Death and afterlife in Ancient Greece was so varied that you could probably find a bit of everything that we see in modern religion. I’m partial to the “become a shade and gradually fade away.” It’s so very neutral and after a lifetime of excitement, it appeals to me, a time to rest and not do. We have an obligation to remember the dead, make their time at rest more peaceful, keep them alive in our memories.

The final topic is Rebirth. You know how I said that before you could pretty much find anything you wanted in Ancient Greece? Yep, there too. Besides the deity that keep dying and being reborn, or the idea that the seasons do the same — there have been references to heroes, at the very least, picking their form for the next life.

This said to me, that yes it is feasible, but that it may not take the form you expect. Maybe we choose, maybe rebirth comes by participating in the cycles of earth rather than of humanity. Maybe I’m jaded by the sheer amount of people claiming to have been historical figures, but I think it’s much more likely that rebirth may be as simple as returning to the universe for atom recycling.

Next time, I won’t take a week and a half to write something up, I swear!

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