30 Days of Paganism: Day 3 Deities

19 Oct

I am of the firm belief, brought about by my experiences, reasoning and reading, that we live in a world full of Gods. And not all of them are mine.

Which is too bad, because I really wanted to collect them like pokemon, but they wouldn’t have that.

I fall closer to the side of hard polytheism. I believe that, for the most part, deities are separate and distinct. I think this is one way that they mirror humanity. I think there are some overlaps, linguistic/historical overlaps, and the like, but that’s around the edges. I don’t claims to know just how squishy and I am fully aware I may be wrong with some of my lines. If the gods wanna come down again and tell us whats what, they are free to do so. I figure they like us arguing about it.

I think historical pagans may have gotten wrong sometimes, or even that the gods have changed. I don’t think that somehow, Hellenic goddess have decided to become a single Triple Moon Goddess, but, you know Aphrodite may love chocolate roses. Hermes and Athena fight over the internet. Dionysos thinks that I drink some weird stuff, but it does get me to a desirable state. The gods are living, immortal but not immovable.

Thorn Coyle, she of the improbable name and really interesting books, has a concept of the Divine Zero (not a one, or a dualism. but more a nothing and infinate). This has been intriguing me for awhile and what I’m playing around with is that this is something akin to the Yawning Void/Chaos. I’m still fiddling with it, and it means I need to read more and sit down and organize thoughts a bit better than I’m doing now.

I’m not all that certain what else to do with this topic, other than this: I do believe that the majority of gods care about us in some way. And we should live our lives as well as we are able, and do what we can to honor them.

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