01 Oct

1. Being able to buy new shoes when my everyday pair wears out. It’s also the first piece of clothing I’ve bought for myself in over a year that’s not a costume that I’ve bought without a gift card. And they are cute, comfortable, and go with everything.

If you can’t tell, I’m not a shoe person.
I do sort of want boots though. I miss boots.

2. Knowing how much I am in love. I was listening to Morning Edition when I got into work, and goodness, the Story Corp bit made me tear up. I love that I am with someone to share my life with, that its hard to go to sleep most nights, because I want to lie there and just talk with him.

3. Aol Radio. When Pandora is blocked at work and I run out of NPR (because I don’t want to listen to jazz, plays morning edition over and over again, and my ipod audio jack broke yesterday) AOL Radio has a suprisingly good selection of stations. I’ve been listening to WTF (think music in the vein of Dr Demento) and Global Beats (mostly Arabic and Indian music/influences)

4. Only working three days next week. Taking time off of work is so much easier now!

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