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30 Sep

I just started a new job at work. And it’s very different from the one I had before. I don’t take a hundred calls a day and be screamed at, thank goodness. Nope, now I get to shop and get prices to replace things people lost in fires, thefts or other insurance nightmares. It’s more laid back, but it does have a few stresses for me. I’m a morning person, and my shift doesn’t start until 10:45. I am, more or less, physically incapable of sleeping past 7.

What this means for me, is developing a whole new routine. Since this was my first week at these hours, I’m still working it out, I’m waking up around 7, eating a piece of fruit and some water and going for a quick, half hour bike ride. Next week, I want to add in a morning ritual as well. Then, I can really be on the ball for my pledge I made awhile back.

The other stresses of my job? For the love of all that is whole, I need to do an inventory. In fact, you all do. Go, do one now! You don’t want to wait until your dwelling has burned to the ground to figure out what you own. Or someone breaking in. Or a lightning strike. Or a burst pipe. You kinda get the picture, right? And if you don’t have renters insurance, please do so. It’s cheap and well worth it if you own anything in your apartment/house.

Life wise — we went through a scare where I had to ask my parents for money, since husband could not work with his broken hand. It was almost amusing that he cashed the check, got his cast off and got a job all on the same day this week. It’s a 3 month, seasonal job preparing trees for winter for a biotech company on government contract. It’s well-paying, 24 hours or so a week and flexible with his class. Hopefully, he’ll be able to go straight from this to finding a teaching position.

October is shaping up to be a much better month for me. I have a fighting event, two weddings and two fundraisers I’m going to, and possibly a dance workshop. Things look like fun and slightly exhausting. I also want to do the 30 days of Paganism blog meme that is going around, here and at my dreamwidth. I’m formulating what mine looks like first, and hope to start in the next couple of days.

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