Building up steam

02 Sep

Tuesday, I start a new position at work (one that doesn’t involve so much phone time or is nearly as soul sucking) and I have a feeling that much of my weekend is going to be spent in preparation for it. There’s the usual new job things, making sure I know where I’m going and am dressed well for the first day. I’m also going to be spending time putting together outfits. The call center I’m in is shall we say, very lax in its dress code. I’m moving to the Corporate HQ and I need to dress just a bit better. Jeans 5 days a week just isn’t going to cut it any more.

That’s one thing on the agenda, I have to do errands and prep some easy to make meals for the week.

But I’m also planning on doing some actual, heavy lifting ritual work. It’s a long weekend after all and that calls for a few things besides the day-to-day and I really need to start pushing the limits of my focusing ability. Also, I’m getting that feeling, that irresistible pull towards ritual, towards Dionysos, towards the joy of doing.

Can’t resist it!

I’ll also be posting pictures of my Hermes Prayer Beads and little tin altar! And today or tomorrow, some books I’ve recently read. One is about the daughter of Kleopatra. It was very good, just a hint.

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